Bing Webmaster Tools Can Now Verify Site Using Google Search Console


Bing has added a new feature that allows webmasters to verify their website in Bing search engine using the Google Search Console. So now webmasters don’t need to add any code to verify.


Why Bing Matters?


Even though Google is a widely used search engine among users in the internet world. Bing is being the second largest search engine comes next to Google. And Bing serves both its own and Yahoo’s results in the webmaster tools which is the third-largest search engine worldwide.


Even the features like SEO analyzer, Connected pages configuration which helps to see just how much organic traffic is generated from the brand’s social media account, SEO reports and more are available with Bing webmaster tools.


How to Verify the Site in Bing using Search Console?

Bing claims that “The verification step only imports the site and sitemap from the Google Search console and not any data. In order to verify using the search console, Bing uses view-only permission from the search console. This will be used to validate the site periodically and to update the sitemaps”.

Steps to import the site:

  1. Visit and create an account.
  2. Then click on the “Import” button on the right and click “Continue to Search Console”.

  3. Login to the Google Account which has the site access in the search console and allows access to Bing in the prompt.

  4. Then choose from the list of sites that need to be verified. Now the site is verified with the Bing Webmasters.

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